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Working principle of high precision checkweigher:

2023-01-17 15:11:47

The high-precision checkweigher is mainly composed of conveying system, weighing system and rejection system. For the products to be inspected that are queued on the assembly line, the running speed is increased through the conveyor belt to ensure enough space between the products to avoid two products on the weighing platform simultaneously.


Working principle of high precision checkweigher:

After the product enters the weighing platform of the automatic checkweigher, the system will recognize that the product to be tested has entered the weighing area according to external signals (photoelectricity, threshold). The weighing part completes the collection of weight signals and sends the weight signals to the controller for processing to obtain the dynamic weight value of each product. The rejection system is used to transport the inspected product out of the weighing area and reject the unqualified product. Depending on the shape and weight of the product, rejection methods include air blowing, push rods, baffles, etc.

Features of high accuracy checkweigher:

1. Built-in alarm possibility, three-stage alarm function can be set (upper limit, lower limit and qualified three-stage alarm);
2. The checkweigher has the functions of automatic calibration, zero point tracking, weight memory and automatic average value;
3. The checkweigher has the functions of weight counting, cumulative weight, weight memory, simple counting, etc.;
4. DC/AC dual-purpose type, power supply: AC220V power cord (built-in 6V4A battery);
5. When the power supply is insufficient, there is an obvious low voltage display;
6. The weighing instrument of the checkweigher adopts ABS plastic shell, which has a long service life; the super large LED display screen is clear and easy to read; 6 film mechanical buttons are highly waterproof;
7. The checkweigher adopts a high-precision sensor with an accuracy of 1/15000 and an internal resolution of 600000;
8. The scale frame of the checkweigher is welded with high-quality thickened carbon steel, painted on the outside, beautiful in appearance, durable;
9. The weighing pan of the checkweigher is made of stainless steel, equipped with stainless steel rollers, simple in structure, easy to use and maintain;
10. The checkweigher can be equipped with three-color light, sound and light alarm, external printer, Bluetooth communication, RS232 communication serial port, USB direct window, Wifi and other functions.