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Whole line inspection of beer bottles



Detail Introduction

1. Mouth inspection machine of Empty bottles

Inspection content: broken mouth and dirty mouth.

•Double evaluation ring technology to detect bottle mouth reliablely and stablely.
•The bottle mouth image is divided into several grades, and the evaluation method is accurate and precise.
•Using an independently developed image processing system, the maximum speed is up to 60000 BPH.

2. Cap and liquid level inspection machine of beer bottles

Inspection content: no cover, crooked cover, low level.

•Using self-developed hardware detection system, the fastest processing speed,is up to 50000 BPH.
•The automatic elimination device is adopted to eliminate the bottle which is difficult to be poured.
•Using a high life LED light source, energy saving, environmental protection.


3. Leak detection

Inspection content: whether the beer bottle gas leak, no cover, high pressure.

•Using acoustic technology, non-contact and on-line "knock" detection, the maximum speed is up to 72000 BPH.
•The hardware circuit and the embedded operating system is adopted to ensure stable operation for a long time.

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