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Sealing Tester HY-MFY-01

(Fully automatic, touch screen, including printing, support GMP, built-in vacuum pump)

It is suitable for the sealing test of products. Through the test, the sealing process and sealing performance of flexible packaging can be effectively compared and evaluated. It is an ideal testing instrument for industries such as food, plastic flexible packaging, wet wipes, pharmaceuticals, and daily chemicals.



Detail Introduction


Flexible packaging bags, plastic bottles, nozzle packaging, medicine bottles, vials, aluminum-plastic blisters, centrifuge tubes, reagent bottles, tinplate metal cans, aluminum-plastic composite packaging bags, sauce packages, jelly packaging, waterproof electrical components.

Technical features

1.The device is equipped with a 7-inch high-definition touch screen and a micro-printer.
2.The host adopts dual-mode design to support compressed air and vacuum pumps for users to choose.
3.Full-automatic control, automatic completion of pumping, maintaining, replenishing, timing, blowback and printing.
4.User authority level 4, operator login settings can be added by themselves, meeting GMP requirements, data storage, printing, audit trail functions.
5.Pneumatic components imported from world-renowned SMC are used, with durable, stable and reliable performance.


Test Principle

By evacuating the vacuum chamber, the sample immersed in water generates a pressure difference between the inside and outside, and observes the gas escape in the sample to determine the sealing performance of the sample;
By evacuating the vacuum chamber, the sample produces a pressure difference between the inside and outside, and observes the expansion of the sample and the recovery of the shape of the sample after the vacuum is released, so as to determine the sealing performance of the sample.

Technical indicators

Vacuum degree: 0~-90kPa
Vacuum accuracy: 0.5 grade (better than 1 grade)
Resolution: 0.1kpa
Air source pressure: 0.7MPa (built-in vacuum pump)
Vacuum holding time: 9999h
Effective size of vacuum chamber:
Φ270mm×210 mm (H) (standard configuration)
Φ270mm×400 mm (H) (optional)
Φ360mm×585 mm (H) (optional)
Φ460mm×330 mm (H) (optional)
Note: Other sizes can be customized.
Air source interface: Φ6mm polyurethane tube
Dimensions: 450mm(L)×360mm(B)×150mm(H)
Net weight: 20kg
Working temperature: 5~35℃
Working humidity: Relative humidity does not exceed 85%
Working power supply: AC 220V 50Hz

Standard: GB/T 15171, GBT 27728, ASTM D3078, JJG646
Remarks: This machine's interface is a Φ6mm polyurethane tube; the built-in vacuum pump does not need an external air source.
Standard configuration: host, test tank, micro-printer, power cord, fuse, manual, certificate of conformity, packing list.

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