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Heat Sealing Tester HY-ST-01

HY-ST-01 is suitable for accurate determination of parameters such as heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time and heat sealing pressure of test materials. It is an essential instrument for laboratories of food enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, daily chemical products enterprises, packaging and raw material production enterprises.



Detail Introduction


Film, plastic composite film, paper-based composite film, aluminized film, co-extruded film, etc.


Technical features

Microcomputer control, large-screen LCD display.
Independent research and development of "fixed temperature micro-control" system, higher temperature control accuracy.
Down-mounted dual-cylinder synchronous circuit to ensure pressure balance.
Aluminum potting type heat sealing head ensures the uniformity of heating of the heat cover.
Independent temperature control of the upper and lower heat sealing heads, super long heat sealing design, to meet the needs of different customers.
Manual and foot switch dual mode, humanized structure design.
Anti-scalding design and leakage protection design, safer operation.
Micro printer, convenient for users to print test results.

Basic Application

Film material smooth surface

It is suitable for heat sealing test of various plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, co-extruded films, aluminized films, aluminum foils, aluminum foil composite films, etc.

The heat cover is a smooth plane, and the heat seal width can be designed according to the needs of users.

Film material pattern plane

It is suitable for heat sealing tests of various plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, co-extrusion films, aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum foil composite films, etc. The heat seal can be designed according to the needs of users.

Extended Application

Jelly cup lid

Put the jelly cup into the opening of the lower head, the opening of the lower head matches the outer diameter of the jelly cup, the flange of the cup mouth falls on the edge of the hole, and the upper head is made into a circle,press down to complete the heat sealing of the jelly cup (Note: Customized accessories are required).

Plastic hose

Put the end of the plastic hose between the upper and lower heads, heat seal the end of the pipe, and make the plastic hose a packaging container.

Technical indicators

Heat sealing temperature: room temperature ~ 300 ℃
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.2℃
Heat sealing time: 0.1~999.9s
Heat sealing pressure: 0.05MPa~0.7MPa
Heat seal surface: 330mm×10mm (can be customized)
Heat sealing heating form: double heating (single heating is optional)
Air source pressure: 0.05 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa (air source user-prepared)
Air source interface: Ф6mm polyurethane tube
Dimensions: 536 mm (L) × 335 mm (B) × 413 mm (H)
Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
Net weight: 40kg

Standard: QB/T 2358 (ZBY 28004), ASTM F2029, YBB 00122003

Standard configuration: host computer, foot switch, micro printer.

Optional parts: professional software, communication cables, dedicated printing lines.

Note: The gas source interface of this machine is a Ф6mm polyurethane tube; the gas source is prepared by the user.

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