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Single-Head Aluminum Cap Screwing Machine For Screwing Plastic Caps



Brand Name Hanyi
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Min.Order Quantity 1unit
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Detail 5 days - 20 days
Packaging Details Standard export wooden case or carton box.

Detail Introduction

Single-head Aluminum Cap Screwing Machine

Main purpose

This machine is mainly used for screw cap sealing of screw bottle mouths. It can be used for screwing plastic caps and direct pressure plastic caps by replacing different caps (such as magnetic capping head, capping head). It is widely used in the packaging and production industries of beverages, beverages, medicine, daily chemicals, etc.


Main features

1. The structure of the whole machine is compact and reasonable, and it adopts four-pillar guidance, which is stable and durable.

2. The capping head adopts a magnetic structure, with uniform force, adjustable torque, and good sealing effect.

3. Equipped with an automatic positioning device for the bottle mouth, the bottle cap is well guided, without cap damage, and overcomes many disadvantages of positioning at the bottom of the bottle.

4. There is a clutch protection device at the dial wheel, which will automatically stop when a bottle jam occurs, and the buzzer will sound a "beep beep" to ensure safe production. The front end is equipped with a screw bottle separator, so there is no bottle jam phenomenon.

5. The whole machine can be equipped with automatic lid sorting and automatic lid hanging, saving labor.


Main technical parameters

1. Maximum output: 2200 bottles/hour

2. Applicable bottle height: 100-300 mm (can be customized beyond this range)

3. Applicable bottle diameter: 50-100mm (beyond this range can be customized)

4. Applicable bottle cap: 30-70 mm

5. Motor power: 0.75 kilowatts

6. Speed regulation method: frequency conversion speed regulation

7. Sealing motor: 0.18 kilowatts

8. Ligation motor: 0.18 kilowatts

8. The overall size of the host: 1000X1100X2200 mm (with cover management)


Electrical components

The electrical components adopt the brand: Delixi, and the inverter adopts Sanjing.

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