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Automatic Servo Filling Machine/ Orange Juice Bottle Filling Machine High Filling Accuracy



Brand Name Hanyi
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Min.Order Quantity 1unit
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Detail 5 days - 20 days
Packaging Details Standard export wooden case or carton box.

Detail Introduction

Automatic servo filling machine

The picture is for reference only.

Suitable for liquid with concentration and viscosity.

 Product description:

The automatic filling machine is driven by Siemens servo motor to drive the synchronous movement of the piston connecting rod to achieve the filling effect. Under the calculation and control of Siemens PLC, the man-machine dialogue interface realizes linear stepless speed regulation conveying, and the filling can be adjusted arbitrarily. Capacity, can be equipped with pneumatic capping or capping device. Form a multi-station, one-machine, multi-functional production line. The filling machine assembly line integrates machine, electricity and gas, with unique design, complete functions, stable performance, high quality and beautiful appearance.

 Technical characteristics:

1. The unique multi-filling head and suck-back system designed for non-drip, ensure that the production site and packaged products are not contaminated by liquid materials.

2. Using Siemens' man-machine interface touch control screen greatly facilitates the adjustment of parameters and the testing of various functions.

3. High filling accuracy, comprehensive filling error ≤10g.

4. The height of the bottle can be adjusted according to needs, and the adjustment is simple, fast and accurate.

5. The filling nozzle has a canopy type or a straight flush type for filling with different liquid properties, and the canopy type is suitable for liquid materials that are easy to foam.

6. The stepless regulator can adjust the speed of the stainless steel conveyor belt and flexibly coordinate the synchronization of multiple processes.

7. Pneumatic capping device has wide applicability. Pneumatic capping is designed with different specifications and different shapes. The screw head can be replaced to adapt to the capping of various caps.

8. The main pneumatic and electrical components are imported accessories to ensure stable system performance and excellent quality.

9. With pause and forced stop functions, it is convenient for emergency handling in any situation.



No.Model numberLYSF-2LYSF-4LYSF-6LYSF-8LYSF-10LYSF-12
1Number of filling heads24681012
2Filling capacity1-5L
3 Production capacity (bottles/hour)400-500600-800900-12001300-16001600-18001850-2300
4Filling accuracy≤0.2%
5Power supply50HZ/60HZ   3N-380V  土  10%
6Power consumption0.75KW-7.5KW
7Equipped with air source pressure0.5-0.8MPa
8Work pressure0.6-0.7MPa
 Note: The productivity is based on a 4 liter bottle and the inlet pressure is 0.45-0.7 MPa

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