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How to Choose a Linear Filling Machine?

2021-10-28 15:48:45

Modern society is increasingly using machines instead of labor, freeing up human hands. By the machine instead of labor, not only to reduce the threat to human safety arising from the work, more various enterprises to reduce the consumption of money, an immediate increase in profit gains. This article focuses on the performance characteristics of a linear bottle filling machine and what things should be noted when choosing.


Linear bottle filling machine using turbo flow sensors and counters to control filling.

Linear bottle filling machine


What are the performance characteristics of a linear bottle filling machine?


1. with a unique structure, especially suitable for filling liquids that are prone to foaming and frothing

2. Equipped with an anti-drip system. If no bottle is detected, no filling action is produced. With the advantages of wide bottle adaptation and high filling accuracy.

3. In-line structure, using optical, mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic principles. Filling volume controlled by a counter, equipped with a filling tube down diving wall spray device. Able to eliminate the generation of foam, especially suitable for soy sauce, vinegar, and oil. We can use it to fill the square and around barrels.

4. Filling volume from 1L~25L, accurate, quick, and drip-free filling, moderate price.



How to choose a filling machine?


1. Firstly, you need to determine what products you will be filling with the filling machine you will buy. The price varies with the range of products to be filled. If the range of products we are filling varies considerably, it is necessary to choose a different machine for filling whenever possible.

2. Consider high-cost performance. The quality of filling machines currently produced has improved greatly over the past. The liquid filling machines produced by Shanghai HanYi are suitable for quantitative filling in hospital preparation rooms, ampoules, eye drops, various oral liquids, shampoos, and various aqueous agents. We can also use it for the quantitative and continuous filling of various liquids in various chemical analysis tests.

3. As far as possible, go for a famous brand name filling machine company with a long history to guarantee quality. We want to choose models with mature technology and stable quality to make packaging faster and more stable. Filling machines are consumable equipment, and if you purchase low-quality equipment, the packaging film that will be wasted over time in daily production is not a small amount.

4. If you can visit the factory for a site visit, we have to focus on the size of the details. Details often determine the quality of the whole machine. As far as possible, bring a sample for a trial run.

5. In terms of after-sales service, the company should have a good reputation in the circle. After-sales service should be timely, especially important for food processing enterprises. For example, in beverage enterprises, summer is the peak season for production. If there is a problem with the machine in production and we cannot solve it immediately, and imagine the loss.

6. You can give preference to filling machines that your peers trust.

7. Whenever possible, choose a machine that is easy to operate and maintain, with a well-equipped continuous feeding mechanism. This can improve filling efficiency and reduce labor costs for the long-term development of your business.


Linear filling machine


What are the advantages of a straight line filling machine?


1. can be used for a variety of materials filling work. We need to fill the product when we only need to adjust the machine according to the product type and then to fill. The filling capacity is more according to customer needs to adjust.

2. Simple and easy to operate. We do not need special technical training. Press the start button, and the machine is ready for operation. But it is still important to pay attention to the details and safety, which are all very crucial. As long as you read and understand the instructions, you can operate the liquid filling machine.

3. Easy to maintain, generally the machine needs to be serviced by professionals, which requires training, as a computer program controls the machine. Filling machine maintenance is simple. The average person who knows packaging machinery can repair it, which saves time and reduces the trouble.

4. Low price. A liquid filling machine is a very cost-effective machinery and equipment. It has a large and small scale, and large manufacturers can use liquid filling production lines. Smaller manufacturers can use a single filling machine, and different models, taking the popular development route, are generally acceptable. Liquid filling machine wide range of uses, not just these few advantages alone, there are many.

5. increasingly powerful, fast, and easy to understand the operation. Intelligent machinery and equipment in the filling industry are very prominent, the rapid development of aseptic filling.

If you are interested in linear filling machines, please feel free to discuss them with us.