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Customized water bottle label printing and labeling solution

2022-08-02 09:59:16

The solution is composed of two parts: An industrial-grade roll-to-roll color label printer HY210 and an automatic labeling machine, which realizes label printing and labeling function and makes customized bottled water production easier and more efficient.  

Part 1. Industrial-grade roll-to-roll color label printer HY210  

Designed for high-resolution, high-speed, professional, and personalized color label printing, the price is within the acceptable range of most companies. With small investment, high return.  Widely used, production-oriented multi-faceted expert (customized water bottle label, shoe label, medical label, chemical label, etc.)

Printing Width: maximum 215.9mm 

Print resolution: maximum 1600dpi*1600dpi 

Printing speed: up to 12 m/min 

High-definition printing: 9m/min


Main features 

1. Advanced Inkjet Memjet Printing Technology Adopt advanced Memjet color page inkjet waterfall flow technology, can output 1600*1600dpi ultra high definition resolution. 

Print clear and beautiful labels in a better form to improve label quality and brand image.


2. Ultra-definition imaging and brilliant colors    

HY210 imaging effect   

Other brand imaging effects

3. High speed, fast printing, fast printing speed, lower cost 

Printing speed can reach 12 m/min 

You can get about a thousand labels in a few minutes!

4. Large-capacity independent ink cartridges reduce waste and improve efficiency 

Five large-capacity 200ml independent ink cartridges can reduce the need for frequent ink replenishment. 

No waste ink tank is needed to reduce waste, lower cost and better economic effect!    


5. Low cost/convenient 

Low cost on-demand printing to reduce waste and improve efficiency Low cost-printing on demand, timely update, flexible use, effective control of printing costs   

6. Convenient label custom software 

Support all kinds of design software, from design to printing, print on demand anytime, anywhere. 

Support label application software to realize variable data batch printing. 

Support data variable printing and ERP system data access.


Device modelHY210
Printing technologyAmerican Memjet color page inkjet waterfall flow technology
Printing speed203.2mm/sec (up to 12m/min)
Media material width50.8-215.9mm
Printing width215.9mm
Data interfaceUSB2.0, Ethernet 10/100Base-T-T
Ink cartridge type5pcs of 200ml individual dye ink cartridges (CYMKK)
Print modeRoll-to-roll, roll-to-roll cutting, print and save, fold paper
Bar code parametersFor Bar code, at least Class B (Code 39), bar width 10mils
For QR code, at least Class B (PDF417), unit size 10mils
Body size510*285*385mm
Body weight30kg (including ink cartridge print head)
Consumables specifications
Paper typeGap paper, black mark paper, continuous paper
Paper thickness0.1-0.3mm
Printing mediaInkjet coated media, such as all kinds of synthetic paper, PET, PP
Included accessoriesPrinter*1, Inkjet printer head*1, USB cable*1, Power cord*1, Ink cartridges*1
WarrantyOne year
Optional accessories and post- printing supporting equipment
Optional accessoriesRoll feeder, Rewinder, Computer stand
Post- printing supporting equipmentLaminating machine
 Polishing and embossing machine
 Bronzing machine
Operating environment
Power supply100-240V, peak current <4A
Print15-35C; Humidity: 20-80%
Storage-5-50C; Humidity: 20-80%
System softwareWindows-based design software, such as AI, CoreDraw, NiceLabel, BarTender, etc.


Part 2. Fully Automatic Labeling Machine

This model is applicable to different kinds of round objects in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries


Main features:
Intelligent control system:
Advanced PLC control system, servo labeling system, automatic label length detection and other high level configurations to ensure the operation is stable and high speed.

Intelligent operating system:
Multi-functional man-machine operation interface, production counter, parameter adjustment and visual monitoring, with rich help function and fault display function.

Roll label device:
It can choose the removable plastic belt or industrial synchronous belt to achieve roll label function depending on different bottle surface characteristics.

Sending and collecting device:
Machine can be operated alone with turntable and collection device, it can also be directly connected to the production line.

Printer device: 
Flexible options such as thermal transfer printer or inkjet printer are optional to complete the coding and labeling functions simultaneously.

Optional function:
Zebra PAX4, 105SL print engine;
Avery 924 print engine;
Bar code detection;
Label detection;
Remaining labels alarming function.


Label objects sizeDiameter: Φ20-100mm
Height: 30-260mm
Voltage220VAC±10% 50Hz,0.6Kw
Label sizeLength: 10-300mm
Height: 10-140mm
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Labeling speed100-250pcs/min (Depending on material and label size)Applicable EnvironmentTemperature: 5-40℃
Humidity: 15-85%(No condensation)
Labeling accuracy±1.0mmWeight200Kg
Label typeAdhesive sticker, 
transparent or opaque label
Label roll diameterInner diameter: 76mm
Outer diameter: 350mm(max)
RemarksAccept non-standard size customization