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Semi-automatic Micro Doser Powder Filling Machine HY900RT

The HY900RT features a patented micro dispensing system that allows you to fill small quantities of powder quickly and easily. The machine also has an easy-to-use control panel and an automatic counting feature, which ensures accurate dosage.



Detail Introduction

Technical Parameters
1. Filling volume: 5mg~200g;
2. Accuracy: ±5mg~2g;
3. Filling speed: 3~5 bottles/min; (with weighing feedback)
Filling speed: 15~20 bottles/min; (without weighing feedback)
Filling speed depends on material characteristics and filling accuracy, and filling volume.
4. Adapt to material characteristics: materials with good fluidity.

Technical Parameters Semi-automatic Micro Doser Powder Filling Machine HY900RT
Technical Parameters of Semi-automatic Micro Doser Powder Filling Machine HY900RT

Main features
1. Semi-automatic micro powder packaging reduces manual packaging errors and has multi-station automatic powder packaging to improve work efficiency.
2. Automatic feeding, milligram-level accuracy, to ensure the interests of customers.
3. All stainless steel pharmaceutical-grade materials to ensure that customer materials are not polluted.
4. Optional multi-function fixture package to adapt to different diameters of sub-packaging containers; reduce repeated investment by customers.
5. Fully automatic sub-packaging equipment can be customized, including automatic input and output, automatic feeding, and automatic capping.
6. The working status is displayed on the touch screen in real-time, and the operation is convenient and intuitive.
7. The silo adopts a quick-release structure, which is convenient for cleaning.
8. The feeding mechanism adopts a quick-release mechanism, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
9. Driven by full servo system, high-precision positioning, stable and reliable.
10. Expandable automatic feeding, automatic sub-packaging, automatic capping, capping, checking weighing, labeling, unpacking, packing, sealing, and packaging applications.
11. Automatic feeding can reduce the amount of sample and can achieve 100% full utilization of the sample.

The multi-line check weigher is a product with excellent cost performance developed by our company for target markets such as food, daily chemicals, and electronics. This product has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy, and strong expansion performance. It provides a more economical solution for checking weighing operations on the production line. It is widely used in food, medicine, and other industries to meet the application requirements of multi-line packaging machines.

Semi-automatic Micro Doser Powder Filling Machine HY900RT
Semi-automatic Micro Doser Powder Filling Machine HY900RT

The above pictures are for reference only; the actual delivery size shall prevail.

Main features
1. Strong applicability: the standardized structure of the whole machine and the standardized man-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials;
2. Easy to replace: It can store a variety of formulas, and it is convenient to replace the product specifications;
3. Simple operation: using Welun color human-machine interface, fully intelligent and user-friendly design;
4. Easy to maintain: the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, easy to install and maintain, and easy to clean;
5. Adjustable speed: the frequency conversion control motor is adopted, and the speed can be adjusted according to the needs;
6. High-speed and high-precision: high-precision digital sensors are used, with fast sampling speed and high precision;
7. Zero tracking: it can be reset manually or automatically, as well as dynamic zero tracking;
8. Stable and reliable: The parts are supplied by industrial-grade manufacturers, with stable and reliable work and long service life;
9. Rich functions: the speed of check-weighing is adjustable, 100 groups of product parameters can be stored and called, and there are many practical functions such as data statistics query and password management;
10. External communication: RS485 is used to connect communication equipment such as printers and computers, and the USB interface is used to export data and upgrade software;
11. Wide range of uses: suitable for use in wet, dry, and harsh working environments, durable, and with the highest reliability.

Technical parameters



Maximum range (g)

200 (customizable)

Minimum display (g)


Minimum display (g) *


Throughput* (pieces/min)

Single line 200 (customizable) *2

Weighing belt width (mm)

Single line 95 (customizable)

Weighing belt length (mm)


Input\Output length (mm)


Production line height (mm)

H=800±50mm (customizable)

Conveying direction (facing display)

Right à Left (customizable)

Rejection method

The three parts of input, weighing and rejection are integrated into a whole.

Air blow rejection

Basic rack material

Stainless steel

conveying roller material

Anodized aluminum alloy

Conveying table structure material

Anodized aluminum alloy

Conveyor belt material

Wear-resistant PU

control box

Stainless steel wire drawing treatment

Anchor bolts

Height adjustment: ±50 mm

The structure of each conveyor belt is sturdy and reliable, and the conveyor table can be quickly disassembled.

The basic structure of the equipment is solid, and the surrounding vibration will not affect the weighing.

Wind shield

Transparent acrylic (product height 30 mm, also customizable)

Leaves only openings through which the product can pass smoothly

Collecting device

Acrylic Collection Box

Accuracy is closely related to throughput, product weight, size, wind, vibration, and smooth conveying.

Main components

Part Name

Country of origin


Photoelectric switch/reflector plate



On-off quick-off


Muller Electric

Miniature Circuit Breaker



Knob Switch / Push Button Switch









Switching power supply


Mean Well

Cylinder/Air Filter






Weighing controller



Electric motor

Self-developed, customizable


Load cell



Flat Belt



Display terminal
Color touch screen LCD.
The touch screen can record weighing data; at least 100 recent records can be observed.

The touch screen has a curve to display historical data, and the latest 50 dynamic data can be observed.
The touch screen can record all the weighing data of the day.

Touch screen language: Chinese, English.

Continuous error alarm: every 5-10 (the number can be set, maximum 255) continuous weighing error, the alarm will be output.

Product accumulation alarm: The photoelectric can set the time for N seconds (the quantity can be set, the maximum is 255 seconds) to judge whether the object passes normally. Manual action is required to clear the alarm. The product accumulation alarm can detect the situation that no product enters the photoelectric for a long time due to motor failure, belt slippage, and abnormal conveying speed.

Continuous error alarm and product accumulation alarm share one alarm output signal.

The parameters of various products can be set and retained (at least 100 recipes), and the operator can directly call them.

Electrical components and hardware with industrial-grade reliability.

Three levels of password protection.

Power failure protection function. Unexpected Power-Down Parameters remain unchanged.

Data statistics function. A total number of products passed / total underweight products / total overweight products passed over a period of time.

Electrical properties
Power requirements: 220VAC, 50Hz

Sound and light alarm: using the two-color alarm, no need to stop the operation of the belt when alarmed.

Sensor: High-precision load cell

Switch: There is a main power switch on the control cabinet, and a start/stop knob

Air source: 0.6pa~0.8pa, air consumption 10 liters

Total power: 800W

Instructions for use
User-level is divided into three levels: operator (operation for browsing and using manual mode), technician (recipe setting, password required), and engineer (equipment debugging, password required).
Simple operation, turn on the power, start and stop the conveyor belt (dynamic weighing), query parameters, etc.

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