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High-accuracy Capsule Online Checkweigher

The high-accuracy capsule online checkweigher is mainly used to detect whether the weight of the product is qualified or not. 



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Brand Name Hanyi
Place of Origin China
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T,L/C,D/P
Supply Ability 1000
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Detail Introduction

Brief description

The high-accuracy capsule online checkweigher is mainly used to detect whether the weight of the product is qualified or not. The professionally customized automatic checkweigher has high precision and is easy to use. Many manufacturers now use automatic checkweighers. With automatic checkweighers, the qualified rate of products has been greatly improved, and production waste has been reduced.

High-accuracy capsule online checkweigher: used to check the weight of all capsules or tablets produced one by one.

Capsule and tablet checkweighers are used for weight detection and rejection of capsules and tablets; many proprietary technologies are used in feeding, weighing, rejection, high-speed precision weighing, and data processing statistics.

Main features 

1. There is no need to replace the mold, and it can be used for the check-weighing of tablets of various shapes and sizes.
2. Adopt special weighing structure, accurate and reliable weighing, easy to clean and disassemble.
3. The rejection action is accurate and reliable, and the rejection device is easy to clean and disassemble.
4. All channels can be cleaned and scrubbed without disassembly.
5. When the checkweighing channel fails, the channel can be closed at any time.
6. Human-machine interface language: Chinese, optional English.
7. USB and Ethernet interface, support Modbus-TCP protocol.

Application fields

1. Health care products companies.
It is suitable for online detection of whether the net weight of valuable health care products meets the standard. Each product has specifications. For these specifications, the weight can be measured to determine whether it meets the standard. The automatic checkweigher can dynamically detect the weight of the product, and can respond quickly to ensure the quality of products with different specifications.
2.The pharmaceutical industry.
It is suitable for checking the weight of a single tablet or capsule and the quantity of multiple products: online real-time monitoring of the number of product packaging, and timely rejection of defective products.

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