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Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Glue Labeling Machine

2022-05-23 15:05:50

Our range of cold glue labeling machines offer a variety of solutions for various labeling requirements. These fast, reliable and cost-effective cold glue labelers are suitable for beer bottles, cans, glass, PET and plastic containers such as bottles, flasks, cylindrical, square, rectangular and irregular bottle shaped containers. In addition, the cold glue labeling process is the best choice for decorative labels and cost reduction.


As a manufacturer of cold glue labeling machines in China, we are also very capable of Automatic cold glue labeling solutions, we are glad to share with you the Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Glue Labeling Machine.

The automatic vertical round bottle cold glue labeler is designed for circular container labeling, suitable for all kinds of circular container labeling. During operation, stick the glue with the stic first, and then transfer the label to the stick by the label box, rotate and suck it to the vacuum belt by vacuum, then the bottle is synchronously conveyed to the belt by the bottle separating screw, and the label is attached to the bottle.

With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and suggestions and opinions provided by customers during the use process, the engineers have continuously improved and improved the cold glue bottle labeling machines, which has made the structure of the cold glue bottle labeler more concise and reasonable, the operation is more convenient and the follow-up maintenance costs are lower.

On the circuit,our company adopts PLC program control, and other manufacturers use single chip microcomputer or relay, which ensures the stable operation of the glue labeling machine for bottles to a greater extent than PLC.

The sticker, vacuum box, etc. are made of whole aluminum material. Compared with other manufacturers who use injection parts, there are many small holes on the surface. When the sticker is in contact with the glue for a long time, the pores will gradually increase, which increases the maintenance cost of later parts.

The bottle feeding screw combination is made by a professional factory and is designed by numerical control to ensure the smooth feeding and discharging of the bottle.

The glue tank is made of high-quality wear-resistant copper, which is ground and processed with stainless steel rollers.

Photoelectric detection of bottles, no bottle without labels, so as to ensure that labels are not wasted.

The cold glue bottle labeler adopts the frequency converter to adjust the speed, the motor running speed can be adjusted freely, and the labeling production capacity can be freely controlled.

The cold glue bottle labeling machine can be applied to a single machine, or it can be used together with a production line, which is easy to adjust.

The running structure is driven by gears, with small clearance, which ensures that the equipment is more stable in long-term operation, with lower noise and longer service life.

High degree of automation, automatic completion of gluing, labeling and labeling, and automatic photoelectric detection.

The machining process of the cold glue labeling machine for bottles is precise and delicate, and the basic components are standard accessories, which is convenient for maintenance.


Main components configuration

Main drive motor: Taiwan Liming.

Host inverter: Taiwan Delta.

Vacuum Machine: Taiwan Jinpu

Bottle feeding screw: Using raw materials imported from Switzerland.

Pressure label belt: original Japanese machine.

Electrical control: Taiwan AirTAC (solenoid valve, cylinder, speed control valve, oil-water separator, etc.).

Photoelectric control: Japan OMRON

Programmable controller: Siemens products (PLC)

Control buttons: French Schneider industrial buttons

Bearings: Original Japanese NSK


Technical Parameters

Round bottle diameter : 30-100mm

Label size: length (30-300mm), width (30-150mm)

Labeling speed: 30-200 bottles/min (depending on bottle diameter)

Labeling error: ±1 (excluding packaging material factors)

Power supply: 380V three-phase, 50HZ

Total power of machine: 1.2KW 380V/50HZ

Stability: 24 hours of continuous production

Air consumption (min): 4-6kgs×18liter

Net weight : about 550kg.

The total length of the conveyor belt is 3 meters (including AISI304 stainless steel chain plate or POM chain plate, configured according to customer requirements), and a set of random tools includes corresponding spare parts and tools.