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Applications for Multifunctional Real-time Print Labeling Machines

2021-11-01 11:29:33

Multifunctional real-time printing and labeling machine applies to vegetable packaging production line, greatly reduces labor costs and avoids labeling errors.

One of our vegetable production customers ordered a real-time printing labeling machine from us for labeling on their tomato packaging line. For fresh products such as vegetables and fruits, our real-time online printing and labeling machine can adopt air-blowing labeling to ensure that the product packaging and products inside will not be damaged. This machine is applied to the automated production and packaging line, which could greatly improve the production efficiency and quality.

As following are some pictures taken from the video of the actual packaging process of tomatoes.

Multifunctional real-time printing and labeling machine


Multifunctional real-time printing machine


Multifunctional real-time labeling machine


Multifunctional printing and labeling machine


The real-time printing labeling machine is applicable to food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industry industries. It integrates thermal transfer printing and automatic labeling technology, and is widely used in automated production packaging lines and logistics intermediate links to realize the functions of automatic printing, printing and labeling of real-time information, thereby avoiding manual labeling errors.


Additionally, the required information is reflected on the labeled objects in real time and effectively, and can be connected to the system database to realize multi-level coding association, which provides effective implementation tools for anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling in various industries.


The real-time online printing and labeling machine has features as below:

Printing equipment selection:

Provide original American Zebra PAX series and German Avery 92X series printing engine options.


Multiple labeling methods: 

Pneumatic, sweeping, corner labeling and other labeling methods are available to meet the needs of instant labeling for different occasions or different items.


Labeling mechanism: 

The universal joint structure of the suction label can effectively correct the accuracy error of the plane labeling, and the unique light touch induction return signal device to protect the material to be labeled from damage; the vacuum range of the suction label can be adjusted to suit labels of different size.


Three-dimensional adjustment bracket:

The independent floor stand is easy to install, and the vertical and horizontal bidirectional adjustment mechanism can effectively set the accurate labeling position.


Flexible label editing software:

Compatible with most Chinese/English label editing tools, with strong flexibility to edit the printed content.


Connection function:

Connect to the main system through Ethernet to achieve real-time management and system integration, eliminating the need for on-site configuration and control computers.


Extended functions: 

It can be connected to other equipment (such as: barcode reader, electronic scale, testing equipment or other industrial equipment, etc.) to form an integrated system to meet the most complex application requirements of users in production management and logistics monitoring.